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Getting your Georgia Learners Permit is one thing. Learning how to Drive Safely is Another.

At NDSS, we believe there's more to teaching teens how to get their Georgia Learner Permit. We believe we should teach them how to be a safe driver too. That's why we've loaded our course with tips and techniques on how to become a safe and responsible once they get behind the wheel. Safe Driving Techniques

Using informative animations, pointed call outs, and tips associated with specific lessons, we provide teens with safe driving tips and techniques. We show them how to look and anticipate for dangerous encounters. And we demonstrate the consequences of poor driving choices with statistics and reports about teen driving.

How our Course Works

Our Georgia drivers ed course is designed by professional online educators using proven teaching techniques that not only make the course more enjoyable but teaches you exactly what you need to know in order to get your Georgia Learner Permit.

Study A Little or A Lot at a Time

Because our GA Drivers Ed course is entirely online, you can start and stop your lessons as often as you like. Need a break? Log off and start up again when you feel like it. Only have a few minutes to study? That works too. Log on and study for as long as you have time for. It's entirely up to you and your schedule as to how long, where and when you study.

Parent's Benefit Too

In order for your teen to get his or her Georgia Learners Permit, parents/guardian's need to provide supervised behind-the-wheel training. So to help you with your instructions, our Georgia Drivers Education course is constructed so to coincide with your training. With each lesson they take, they'll learn new rules and techniques that they will apply when they get in the car. Using our DDS approved Parent Teen Driving Guide, you'll be able to monitor your teen's driving skills and determine if they've adequately learned the lessons or not. And if you feel they do need to review the lesson, it's easy to do. Simply log on to the course and select to the chapter heading that needs to be reviewed. They can either redo the entire chapter or just concentrate on specific lessons.

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Start down the road to getting your Georgia Learners Permit and becoming a safe driver at the same time. Our Georgia Drivers Education course is the perfect way to go!

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